What we offer is not only an end product, but a way of working; a dynamic, evolving and creative process embedded in principles supporting nature. In this way we endeavour to deliver city scale projects through the discipline of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design which achieve balance with nature and its systems.

Office of Other Spaces brings a unique approach to the creative process.


At the urban scale, by bringing natural systems into the constructed environment, large scale impact can be achieved. Therefore, the way in which earth’s systems interact with the built environment have potential to influence planning, policy and urban design decisions. We consider nature as flows facilitated by the design of green corridors, urban forests, water ways and green infrastructure.


Everything happens in the landscape, from food to politics 

We strive for creativity founded on intention and understanding, finding innovative and holistic solutions in response to place. We then use the tools found in landscape architecture to synthesise a design response. We work with all industries, across all scales, placing an emphasis on working “with” others to achieve project outcomes. Primarily our focus is city design in order to facilitate natural systems.

It is through the discipline of landscape architecture that we deliver city scale projects to achieve balance with nature.