At Office of Other Spaces, we create environments that are adaptable, responsive and support and encourage all forms of life.

Our people have proven track records, combined with a passion for finding new ways to deliver projects that promote harmony between humans and nature. Wherever we are, in the city or in the landscape, we bring open, receptive minds and a deep commitment to ensuring our presence makes a positive contribution to life on our planet.

For us, the creative process means absorbing as much as we can, drawing on disciplines from gardening to physics. We get away from our desks and out of our comfort zones, exploring questions and issues from every angle and considering the implications at the Planetary, City & Place scales

Our practice is underpinned by openness, adaptability and balance.


As a species, we have the capacity ​
to act responsibly and for the best; 

To do no harm and to steward the success
of the atmosphere, oceans, waterways, land and forests that make up our planet. We’re all part of this living global system that relies on
a network of interdependencies for its survival. We’re inextricably connected to landscape, biology and geochemistry, from the
planetary right down to the
individual scale.

Across a range of disciplines, we seek to understand the interrelationships between things in order to synthesise and execute landscape architecture projects that strike a balance between the needs of people and of nature – and provide us with an intelligent and positive way forward.