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Office of Other Spaces, brings expertise & knowledge in landscape across scales. That is, from the Moon, to Earth Observations, to City Design & ‘place’. Through technology and our understanding of nature, we look to balance the natural world with the built environment -  

‘connecting planet & place’.

Established in 2016, we have been innovating with satellite time series analysis for city planning purposes, and now working with our sister company Office of Planetary Observations. We are the Regional Australian coordinator of the Moon Village Association, bringing a landscape sensitive perspective to the space conversation. We provide creative landscape solutions in the built environment through landscape Architecture. All the while communicating the power of our thinking in art exhibitions.

We understand the governance of landscape management, environmental systems, policy, communication, built realties & the depths of nature. We believe now is the time to integrate care for natural systems with technology, the human condition and development. Contact us for a discussion, collaboration or projects: info@officeofotherspaces.com


> We acknowledge nature as a living entity and a collaborator in the design amd creative process

> We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, their elders past & present

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OOS  |  Office of Other Spaces

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